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Charming Interiors that makes Home look Cozy

Charming Interiors that make Homes look Cozy

What makes for a cozy, inviting home? While you may own a beautifully decorated house and may receive generous compliments but nothing beats the feeling when your guests say you have a cozy home. That means how comfortable they felt at your place. It is part of being a human to feel most comfortable when calm and relaxed.

Especially when it is a 1, 2, or 3 BHK Flats in busy metro cities like Pune, Mumbai, or Bangalore, everyone wants to feel relaxed in their space. Let us run through a few tips to create charming interiors for our home.

Tips for a Cozy Home

  1. Good Lighting
Good Lighting

There is perhaps nothing more important than good lighting to create a cozy atmosphere. You must avoid using any harsh, single overhead lighting. Instead, you may have multiple light sources: table and floor lamps, candles (preferably scented!), and ambiance lighting. For the evenings, you can create clusters of illumination around areas where you would want focal and conversation points to be.

In case your budget doesn’t allow for any additional lights or re-jigging your lighting situation then you must only use warm bulbs throughout the rooms that you want to cozy up.

  1. Plants & Flowers
Plants & Flowers

If you don’t own any plants in your home currently, you must have some. Buying plants may be expensive for you so you may learn to propagate your existing plants, ask for cuttings from your family and friends. 

Having plants means owning some great accessories in the form of vessels where you plant them.  Plants that are planted in pots, planters, or baskets impart a cozy feeling to space. For the planters & pots, you may use tones like terracotta or metallic like brass. You may even choose baskets with seagrass or other woven materials (Natural ones). 

Fresh flowers lend that earthy touch to space. Fresh flowers though expensive can be kept fresh for a long time if you are diligent about changing the water and trimming the stems. Having flowers around will give you a sense of happiness all the time rather than just celebrations.

You may even use faux greenery if you are intimidated by caring for living plants. 

  1. Textiles & Rugs
Add Textiles

Tiles and laminate flooring are great but would get chilly for your feet in winters. Having a few layers on the floor will give you a sense of warmth and coziness. Bathrooms and kitchens may be decorated with beautiful Persian rugs. Imagine stepping on a cold and damp bathroom floor after a shower! Buy a bathmat. 

Carpets insulate and warm up the rooms, use these religiously.

  1. Add Texture
Add Texture

Texture adds depth and helps add coziness to space. A shelf of books is a cheap and effective way of adding texture to a room. If there is no shelf, stack your books. 

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  1. Curtains & Other Accessories
Curtains & Other Accessories

For winters get heavy drapes to add warmth to your space. You may hang artwork and mirrors on the wall. Avoid empty walls. 

  1. Fragrance & Scent
Fragrance & Scent

You can never underestimate the power of scent. What you see is important but what you smell is just as important. Your home should not only look amazing but must smell good too. You may try scented wax candles, potpourri fresh fragrant flowers. 

  1. Hues

You can make a monochromatic space more comfortable by adding warm tones. The opposing tones complement each other to achieve a well-rounded look.

A consistent palette creates a flow throughout the house. You don’t have to use the same color in every room but choose similar shades. In more secluded areas, make bolder paint choices to add character, but stick to complementary shades. 

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Having a cozy home is having the privilege to retreat to one of the most important elements of well-being. Choose from the above tips to create the perfect charming interiors for your abode.

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