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What Colours are Trending in Home Interiors?

Can you imagine your life without colours? Well, that would be so odd and boring. Indeed, there are many colours in and around us. They are the most beautiful gift of nature that makes our lives interesting. Colours have the power to change a situation and even our mood. From aggressive to creative, our mood depends upon the colour we see often. Even psychology says you can predict the nature of a person by studying their favourite colour. Isn’t that exciting?

Most of our life, we spend our time in our house that too in the living room and bedroom. One should be extremely careful while choosing a colour for painting the house as it will affect your life, thoroughly. Selecting colours for your home interior could be tricky.

There are so many colour paints available in the market in different shades. The wide varieties of options available make people confused about which colour to choose to paint the house. Without wasting our time let us discuss, what colours are trending in home interiors in? Use the information wisely, to make you and your family more creative and generous. And also impress your guests with your selection of colours. 

Dark Red

Red is known as the colour of passion, love, warmth, and energy. This shade of red would be more suitable for your bedroom. You can use it as an accent as well as a prominent colour.


Indeed, charcoal is a shade of black which is a dark colour and is in trend since forever. Charcoal is a bold colour and easy to notice. You can use this beautiful shade in your bedroom, living room or even in your kitchen.


This colour is known for its energy and fun and could be a good choice for selecting it for your home interior. It will fill your life with joy. This colour is ideal for painting your living room and dining room. Also, it can be used as an accent wall colour.

Light Pink

Pink is a soft colour by nature. It goes well with dark hues such as black. It also looks good with light colours such as navy blue and light shades of green. It is the most suitable colour for painting your bedroom walls.

Olive Green

Green is most commonly recognised as the colour of nature and creativity. Choosing it for your home interiors could be a good choice for you. You can paint your living room or your study room with Olive green.

Navy Blue

No doubt, blue is identified as the colour of sky and heaven. By looking at this shade of blue, you will feel cool and calm instantly. It is most suitable for painting your bedroom as well as living room.


If you want to change the paint of your home interiors that were painted grey earlier than you should go for Champagne. It is a good choice for painting your bedroom and will go well with dark as well as light shades of other colours.