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Areas in Pune with affordable flats

Do you think that Pune is no longer an affordable place to middle-class buyers? No, you are mistaken. Yes, the rate of increase in property rate has been mind-boggling in the past two decades. Still, there are many areas that are convenient, good and reasonably priced.


Are you desperately searching for a location in Pune that still retains the uncluttered beauty and incredible peace of the good old days? If yes, then Ambegaon is just the right location for you. The amazing surroundings and bracing environment return value for money.

Hilly surroundings, availability of land and generous greenery make it an ideal choice for the second home. However, it is not a bad choice either if you are buying property for the first time.

People prefer flats in ambegaon pune because the locality offers excellent connectivity to the prime locations in Pune and the scenic beauty lure buyers.


Undri area is one of the preferred areas in Pune, especially, for those who work in the Camp area. People who live in Kondhwa area that want to buy good quality flats as the second home (or even as the first home) also prefer Undri. As a result, you can see a lot of excellent projects coming in.

If you are living in a single or two BHK flat in other areas (rented or own), and wish to move into a bigger house; then search for flats in undri. It is guaranteed that you will get amazed by the property rates. It gives the best value for money.


Pisoli is considered the twin locality along with Undri. These two places have emerged recently as preferred areas because of their proximity to Hadapsar, Camp, NIBM road and Wanwadi.

Situated at a convenient distance of 9 kilometers from Pune Central, it is one of the fastest developing areas as of now.

Still today, flats in pisoli are quite within the financial reach of the majority of the buyers.

Sinhgad Road

If you look at the geographies in Pune that showed mind-boggling development and appreciation in the property rates in Pune during the last decade, then Sinhgad Road captures the top position.

Yes, looking at the amazing residential ventures emerging in the skyline, it is quite clear that the area acquires admiration of investors.

Investing in flats on sinhagad road is the best financial decision of your life, there is no doubt about it.

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5 Reasons why you should invest in a new home

Drift back in the good old days when people were not bothered much about diversified investments and gold and fixed deposits were the only choices.

However, the situation has changed dramatically in the past two decades, and people have started investing in the full spectrum of options.

Investing in a home is always there in the list as the investor or end-user; and if it is about investing in a flourishing city like Pune, then there is no second thought about it.

The city has shown remarkable growth in yesteryears, and people have made fortunes by purchasing flats and apartments in different parts of the city.

Leave aside the conventionally preferred areas such as Kothrud, flats on sinhagad road are also getting sold like hot cake.

The development of Pune has been simply unbelievable

The city of Pune has gone through a mind-boggling transformation after 90’s. From a moderate, peaceful middle-class town, it is a bustling metropolitan city spread across a few kilometers.

No wonder, the property rates reached phenomenal heights and availability of residential properties in the midst of the city is almost zero. Not only there is a scarcity of space, but also they cost a fortune.

In such scenario, new areas that are emerging in the outskirts of the city lure buyers. These properties are still within their financial reach. It is still quite affordable to buy 1 bhk flat in sinhagad road pune.

What could be the hauling reasons to invest in Pune?

  • First of all, it is a city where you have unlimited career opportunities. Other than the predominant IT sector, there are thousands of large and medium sized enterprises within and nearby areas.  Hence, you needn’t worry about the financial burden.
  • The property you purchase gets good appreciation over the years and it is further easy to set off the loan liability by selling the property and buying a cheaper one in the further outskirt areas. There are examples where people sold their existing property in Kothrud or Sahakarnagar areas at exorbitant rates, and bought 3 bhk flats in sinhagad road. That too, without creating any loan liability!
  • Renting a property is not at all a difficult task in Pune. Since there is a huge turnover of employees in the city, there are always tenants waiting in the queue. If it is a ready-to-move-in property, then it is very much possible to get rent higher than the market.
  • There is always a good time to invest in Pune. The rates have shown a steady and consistent growth if you look at the price chart. Hence, the moment you capture a property is the ‘dip’.
  • When you live in Pune, you live in one of the most flourishing and growing cities in India. It is a city with glorious past and fantastic future.

These five reasons make Pune the ideal choice for investing your hard-earned money in properties. It is guaranteed that you will have a big smile on the face after a few years.

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Why buying a house in Kharadi will benefit you over time?

In Kharadi, the rates are around 5500 to 6000 rupees per square foot. There are many developers that offer excellent projects to buyers. Areas in and around Kharadi have shown immense development in the recent years.
With the development of IT hubs in Magarpatta, Viman Nagar and Kharadi, IT professionals are looking for well-furnished flats in kharadi.

It is a popular IT destination in the Eastern side of Pune. Hence, residential and commercial properties with the best amenities in the niche are emerging in the scenario every year.

Two special economic zones, posh malls, and superfine hypermarkets enhance the business viability of Kharadi.

Kharadi is developing in all the fronts

Kharadi area is showing an all-round development. Luxury hotels, educational institutes and capital values, and many other different infrastructural projects make Kharadi a hot cake.

Enhanced residential solutions for improved lifestyle are offered by developers and builders. The time is right to finalize a house purchase in Pune. The decline in the property rates makes investment easy.

As the interest rates on housing loans drop further, residential projects in kharadi become further lucrative.
Experts say that every moment is the right moment for property investment in Pune. The rates will increase steadily in future, and bring good returns to investors.

Whether you are in IT or engineering, Kharadi is the right choice for you

Kharadi attracts all the IT crowd as it is home to the EON Free Zone which is a Special Economic Zone where companies such as Wipro, Honeywell, Mphasis, Tata Communications, Reliance and Polaris have their offices. Not only IT professionals but people working in the automobile, electronics, and other industries also find Kharadi a good choice. 2 BHK and 3 bhk flats in kharadi are the first preference.

Bachelors who prefer bigger flats for shared accommodation always look for rented properties. Hence, even if you want to buy flats for purely investment purpose, it is guaranteed that you will get good value for money.
Buying a flat in Kharadi is a guaranteed profitable deal. When you will sell the property after a few years, you can expect fantastic returns.

Where can you find affordable properties in Pune?

Property prices have increased in all areas of Pune city. However, the increase is exorbitant in some places. Kharadi is an area which is still within the buying capacity of most of the buyers.

Since several good properties are available in ample number, the price change has remained under control. 2 bhk flats in kharadi are still within the purchasing capability of investors.

What makes Kharadi a lucrative area?

If you ask experts about the secret of success of Kharadi as a residential area, then they find two factors responsible for it. Firstly, there is a spill-over demand, and secondly, there is a superb growth in the infrastructure. These two aspects work together to enhance the real estate profiling of Kharadi.
Kharadi is being considered spill-over area from Magarpatta where the property market has reached almost a saturated state.
In this scenario, both ready-to-move and under-construction projects offer a better investment opportunity to property buyers. While choosing property developer, make sure you pick the best one.


  • Kharadi is connected to healthcare facilities such as Columbia Asia Hospital
  • Kharadi is closely connected to areas around with State Highway 2, Pune Nagar Road, Samrat Ashoka Road, Mundhwa Kharadi Road, Fountain Road and Old Mundhwa Road
  • Kharadi is also connected to its surroundings with smaller roads and lanes which provide easy intra connectivity
  • There’s wonderful connectivity by buses operated by the PMPML
  • The Hadapsar railway station is barely 4.5 km away while the Pune railway station is located at a distance of 12 km
  • The International Airport is quite close to Kharadi as well, it’s just 7 km and is accessible with broad roads like Viman Nagar Road.
  • Kharadi’s locality further will enjoy The proposed BRTS and metro lines as well
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Why is Pune the best place to invest into a Residential Property?

Imagine your affordable dream house with all the latest facilities in the best possible locality! Is it a fantasy or is there a chance to bring it into reality? Well, it might be a difficult task but not impossible either.
With a lot of residential projects in ambegaon pune coming in, you can think about owning a fantastic flat with extensive amenities. And that too with a great connectivity and comfy living!
The city of Pune is the heaven for property investors because the history of the rate of appreciation has been phenomenal so far.
With the pace of development currently and the inclusion of Pune in the list of smart cities, you need not be a genius to anticipate the bright future of your investment.

Why do people prefer investing in residential projects in Pune?

Well, it is definitely not an easy thing to buy a property. Even if you are looking for reasonably priced 1 bhk flats in ambegaon pune, there are several things to be thought over.
Thanks to the unprecedented increase n hi-tech IT companies, the job market has flourished like anything.
People have enough money to spend on high-class residential projects which leads to a significant improvement in the quality of construction.
Here are a few reasons people find it the best place to invest in residential property.

It will be a Smart City

Yes, Pune is included in the list of smart cities. Hence, it is certain that smart infrastructure will bring a remarkable difference in the coming years. The risk is pretty low when you put money in properties here.
With a lot of focus on new-age concepts such as rainwater harvesting, adequate water supply, intelligent traffic management and electrical supply, and so on; it will be a further increase in the property prices in Pune.

Still today some areas retain the charm of good old days

It is quite amazing that still there are areas in Pune where you can find calm and peace of the good old times. In spite of their vicinity to the hustles and bustles of Pune city, there are greeneries around, and you can hear the sweet chirping of birds in the morning.
Yes, areas like Ambegaon offer this privilege of living in absolute greenery and pristine environment. If you buy one or 2 bhk flats in ambegaon pune, then it is guaranteed that you get multiple times returns than what you spend.
Due to amazing landscape and convenient location, you can find a large number of flats for sale in ambegaon pune. Almost every big name in property development marks its presence in Ambegaon. It is the proof of its success.
Pune is the only city where you get the perfect blend modernization and traditions. Being one of the most flourishing IT hubs in India, you get the best and the state-of-the-art facilities. At the same time, the city proudly retains the art and culture that places Pune pretty high from others.
No wonder it is the right place for investing in property!


Which Localities are in most demand for Residential Properties in Pune

Well, Pune is definitely a good place to invest in property, whether you want for your own or to rent it out. The rates have shown an exorbitant increase and there is no chance of going the market downward in the coming years.
Every six months, some or the other residential project is announced and the flats get booked with an unbelievable speed. Not only are the age-old hotspots such as Hinjewadi or Wakad, but even new residential projects in Pune Sinhagad Road capture immediate attention.

Location is not a big deal nowadays

Gone are the days when people used to look for residential properties that are closer to their workplace. With the enormous increase in the property prices, it becomes impossible to buy flats in such areas. Hence, people prefer localities that are far off, but affordable.
It is the reason; localities such as Sinhgad road got so much importance. Now 1, 2 & 3 BHK flats in Pune Sinhagad Road are sold at premium rates.
Here are the top-preferred localities that are in a big demand:

Sinhgad Road

Several builders and developers have focused on this area and developed contemporary residential apartments, flats and row houses there. The target audience is IT professionals who have their personal vehicles. Hence, they don’t have any problem in commuting to their workplace (mostly Hinjewadi) by car.
The rates have increased in this area, but they are still within reach. It is possible to buy 3 bhk flats in sinhagad road at the price of 2 BHK flat in other areas. The localities are in a little bit outskirts as of now, but there is a massive development happening around.


Another prominent area that is in great demand is Moshi. It is near Pimpri-Chichwad, the already saturated zone. Since Moshi is awfully close to the industrial and IT belts of PC (Pimpr Chinchwad), Talawade and Talegaon; it is preferred by service-class buyers.
The infrastructural development in Moshi has been phenomenal. Good roads, big markets, shopping centers and recreation areas are coming up.


Wagholi is one of the most happening localities in Pune. It is adjacent to Magarpatta City and Viman Nagar. Since it is located at the Pune-Nagar highway, there is a strategic benefit of buying a residential flat there from the long-term perspective.
It is the reason; people who already own 1, 2 & 3 BHK flats in Pune Sinhagad Road also buy flats in Wagholi as a Second Home.


Here’s why Undri Pisoli is a Hot Property Market in Pune

After 2007, the demand for residential properties near commercial hubs increased manifold in Pune. Experts say that the demand for good quality residential flats is not limited to the primary hubs, but it extends much beyond it. Localities near big IT parks or other commercial hotspots are in a great demand.

Since Hinjewadi, Bhosari and PCMC have emerged as major industrial and IT hubs; people prefer residential flats that are conveniently commutable from these places.

Undri Pisoli are amongst the most rapidly developing areas in Pune. 1 and 2 bhk residential projects in pisoli pune are in a great demand.

Why Undri Pisoli is the ‘market in demand’?

Home buyers get attracted by the pristine surroundings and jaw-dropping landscape of Undri-Pisoli. Moreover, it is quite close to Hadapsar, Kharadi and most importantly; Magarpatta City. Since the posh localities of Pune such as Kondhwa, NIBM and Wanowari are also at a convenient distance; flats in pisoli get sold at premium rates.

Infrastructure facilities are quite good in Undri-Pisoli, and you have all big names in the field of real estate launching projects there. Since the spectrum of choices is pretty wide, no wonder the premium buyers are also looking at buying opportunities there.

What are the demand drivers?

First of all it is conveniently located. Hence IT professionals, business owners and other professionals find it lucrative. Secondly, it gets the benefit of spill-over demand from areas such as Hadapsar and Magarpatta city.

Third and important reason is a Residential projects in Pisoli Pune are quite affordable compared to other areas. Since it is well-connected to central Pune, IT hubs and other commercial areas; people prefer investing in Undri Pisoli.

A wide variety of luxurious, well-planned, and contemporary housing projects are there to fulfill the demands of buyers. Undoubtedly, it is amongst the best investment options in Pune.

It is a destination ‘fit for all’

1 and 2 bhk residential projects in pisoli pune have come up in the recent years because the area is in a high demand. People from Kondhwa, Fatimanagar, and Wanowrie are getting shifted to Undri Pisoli because they want to stay close to the nature.
Those who are not in a position to relocate, buy flat as second home. They come along with their friends and family to spend a gala time on weekends.
All these aspects make Undri Pisoli the prime property market in Pune.