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5 Ideas to Create Your Own Outdoor Escape on Your Balcony/ Terrace

What’s better than having your very own outdoor escape right at home- in your balcony or terrace where you can lose yourself anytime? Imagine the luxury of spending warm, loving moments with close ones on your balcony or terrace. If you’re one of the lucky ones to have your own terrace or a balcony, why not jazz it up and turn it into a recreation spot your way? Unleash your creativity and incorporate a rocking theme for your balcony/terrace and do it up accordingly. And it’s not necessary that your balcony/terrace has to be converted into a DIY garden only; there’s a lot more you can do with it!

Check out five amazing balcony/terrace ideas that will make for a perfect outdoor space you’ll be proud of (Irrespective of which décor idea you may go with, add quaint lights, lamps, or fairy lights to your balcony/terrace (and of course, some shades, faux screen or shutters for privacy):


Foodie’s Paradise

Most of us are a hidden foodie, no matter how hard we try to suppress that trait. Pamper the foodie within you as well as your family and friends by getting a barbecue grill station and setting it up on your balcony/terrace. Make comfy seating arrangements too in addition to cultivating fresh salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, herbs, exotic veggies, and more. Tend to them lovingly as it will make you feel one with Nature besides supplying you with your own fresh produce throughout. You can grill, roast, and cook them all in your barbecue grill station as well as in the kitchen if need be. 


Zen Garden

All of us are seeking peace and positivity that’s being destroyed by the maddening world of today. Your abode must be an escape from it all, so why not create a little Zen garden right at home? Get a calming water element and mount a mini water fountain to create a serene environment you can escape into whenever you want as it’d be your perfect in-house outdoor escape. Upgrade it into a rejuvenating Zen retreat by adding air-purifying plants such as chrysanthemums, spider plants, Chinese evergreens, and/or orchids, and install some exquisite wall art, figurines, and water fountain to add to the effect if possible. Sprinkle some sand and pebbles in some nooks of your balcony/terrace and consider artificial grass flooring or wooden flooring for your Zen garden as well. 


Café You can Call your Own

If you are a coffee lover who frequents all sorts of cafes to satiate your passion, why not set up a mini café on your balcony/terrace? Creating your own café is a breeze: get a coffee vending machine and loads of colorful and exotic mugs, dishes, crockery, et al. A classic coffee table, wrought iron chairs, and an open shelf would be perfect as furniture for your in-house outdoor escape café. Set them up as space permits, and if possible, paint the walls around brown or put up wallpapers that match the ambiance of a characteristic café. Rest assured, unless you’re out of town, you won’t feel like visiting expensive cafes and big bucks in your city anymore!


Personal Mini-Bar

The perfect way to wind down after a hard day’s work or over a weekend is to escape into your own mini-bar that too on your balcony/terrace. Get an exotic bar cabinet or wine rack and a mini-refrigerator to store the essentials in. Throw in cozy cushions on a tiny curved sofa, artistic stools, and a mini serving table. Invite your close ones on a cozy evening and let good times roll, as it’ll happen on its own!


Picnic Spot

The idea behind decorating your balcony/terrace is to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate. Creating an outdoor escape quality picnic spot in your open space can serve the purpose well. Tie a hammock where you deem fit, throw cozy cushions and blankets on it, place an exotic corner table and a tiny shelf to keep some knick-knacks in and you can go picnicking every single evening right at home!

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