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New year home decoration

Welcome 2022 with these Amazing New Year Home Decor Tips

It’s that time of the year again- new year decoration time when you bid adieu to the old and ring in the new. It’s also the time when you have (no choice but) to put your best foot forward and jazz up your home to welcome New Year 2022.

People who have a penchant for aesthetic appeal, whether they live in independent homes or flats in Pune go all out to make celebrations they’re hosting at home sweet home come alive. Moreover, celebrations may be rather subdued this year as well.

Instead of allowing the ongoing pandemic to dampen our spirits, why not make the most of the situation by celebrating safely at home instead?

Here are some fab home decor tips for welcoming the new year with pomp and style:

1. Go Big on Glitter and Spark

Make your home come alive by selecting ‘gold’ as the new year party decoration theme this time around. Not only will your loved ones’ mood perk up, but all the sparkle and glitter will make your home look like a real party hub. 

Pick golden fringe foil curtains and streamers, paper garlands, balloons and a dazzling disco ball and arrange it all resplendently. You can splash golden elements like glittery curtains right at the doorstep too, so the vibes set in right from the moment people step in!

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2. Wall Decorations – Your Next Stop

Invest a wee bit more of your time in decorating your living room wall as it’s usually the centre of attraction. These days, people love clicking pics and selfies and look for a great background at party venues. 

Creating a wonderful background will impress them massively and. Make sure you set up the right lighting for that, so pictures turn out to be great. You can place unique, quaint furniture pieces and bolsters like wrought iron chairs, shiny cushions, exotic carpets and lovely wall hangings in the background.

Additionally, you can also come up with a sub-theme, much like a short story for your walls that adds a fresh twist to your main backdrop. 

3. Think about Dinner Table Décor

Dining on New Year’s Eve is always a memorable moment. There’s more to it about good food, great wine, exquisite cutlery and more. Add a dash of glitter that’ll be truly hard to miss all over the dining area.

To begin with, adorn the dining space with colours that recreate the magic of Christmas, so why not choose red, green and a dash of white for that? As for the chairs, you can wrap them with beautiful fairy lights, LED lights, metallic balloons, et al. 

Place lovely scented candles on the table, a charming table runner and even tiny gifts on every seat to make it even more cheerful. Bring out your finest crockery and wine glasses with pretty paper napkins you can pick specially for the party. 

New Year Home Decoration

4. Rev up all Your Rooms, including Balcony 

Make sure that all the other rooms, including bedrooms, the kitchen, the passage and even the balcony are speckled with new year decoration articles. Every inch and every nook of your abode must scream out ‘Party!’  and make up for not partying in a chic place. Use lighting generously, which must be set up outside your door and in windows. 

Needless to say, make sure you stock up generously on all the things that are essential and make your guests feel at home. 

So, get moving right away, pull out all the fine accessories, props, decorative materials and more you have and start adorning your home like there’s no tomorrow!

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