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Tips to Create the Perfect Summer Patio

Summer is knocking at Pune and it’s time for the perfect summer patio parties. It is time to focus on the outdoor décor and revamp it to your advantage to make the most of the late nights. Entertaining friends, family, and neighbors on your patio is a great way to mingle and socialize. Spending time with your loved ones in your own space is cherishable. So, breathe new life into the outdoors and have a great time this summer on your porch. Make the most of the breezy evenings by relaxing on your patio with your friends and family in your comfort zone.

2 and 3 BHK flats in Pune offer decent spaces to create a perfect patio. Let us run through a few tips for a make-over of your patio. 

Ideas for Perfect Summer Patio


During summers, you will end up spending time on your patio till late at night, so you must light it up perfectly. You can consider adding a lamp around the sitting area to work as ‘accent lighting’. You may also opt for a string of lights; strings of lights can turn a small outdoor corner into a beautiful one. Sufficient lights make the outdoor functional day and night, and add a streak of warmness to the decor. Whenever you plan a party or an evening get-together, you may use assorted and scented candles, and have a perfectly lit up outdoors.

Create a Cozy Space

Twinkle lights & cozy furnishings make a patio extra inviting. Outdoor furniture is generally hard and robust so that it can withstand the weather changes. You may add soft elements if you want a cozy space; keep some colorful cushions and pillows on the outdoor furniture to make brighten up the space. Thematic décor may also be done, depending on your creative instincts and the vibes you prefer.

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Nature is the best accessory

Accessorize your outdoor space with stylish planters. Include some fresh, colorful flowers and serene, green plants in the garden design to give your outdoors a natural touch. If space is an issue, then instead of reducing the number of plants, opt for vertical gardening. This way you can design beautiful seating in the patio area and use the walls for breathing some greenery. 

Add a Personal Touch

When it comes to decorating, get creative to make your space personalized and unique. Shop from your home and your favorite décor store for sprucing up this space. Mix vintage with new stuff, vintage elements add character. Combine the comfortable new outdoor furniture with salvaged pieces. 

Comfort is key

Make sure your patio is a place where you and your guests want to spend hours on. Most of all your patio furniture has to be comfortable. Lower oversize chairs and sofas with low-but-large coffee tables are great for putting your feet up and taking a nap. 

Don’t Miss the Shades

Having shades like an umbrella or pergola is a must on your summer patio. They provide the perfect shade for you to enjoy your morning tea outdoors.

Have two spaces

If you have the space, make two outdoor entertaining spaces for your guests – one for dining and one for lounging.

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Trends come and go

Don’t buy into the latest design and decor fads. Avoid design trends, they will inevitably pass, so design a space that reflects your needs and personal taste. 

Create ambiance

You must make your space inviting. When designing an outdoor space it is important to create an atmosphere.

Design a safe space

At the end of the day, don’t forget that you and your family have to live in this space. Your outdoor space should not only be attractive, but it should also be safely designed for human use. “Don’t forget that chairs around a table need room to be pulled out,” cautions van Eijk. “And no matter how many times kids are told not to run, they will anyway so extra space for traffic is always needed.”

Use this ready reckoner to spruce up your space and create a perfect summer patio for your friends and family. Enjoy your evenings!

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