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colours according to Vastu Shastra

How to pick colours for your rooms according to Vastu Shastra

Did you know that colors have astounding effects on emotions, the mind, and thought-process? According to Vastu Shastra, every colour stimulates a distinctive emotion in us. A home is where we spend a major part of our lives which makes it imperative to have an appropriate balance of colours in our homes to lead a happy and healthy life. For example, surround a depressed person with black color and he may never overcome melancholy. On the other hand, keeping the same – yes the very same – depressed person surrounded with lively and warm colors would fast-track the healing process, and one day he may be one of the most optimistic people you’ve ever met in your life.

So, you should not devalue the importance of colors. Since home buyers are aware of these Vastu concepts & their importance, most flats in Pune have a layout based on Vastu and use Vastu-compliant colors. Even if directions of rooms in your home don’t comply with Vastu, you may still color them accordingly to help attain peace and prosperity in your abode. 

Now let us see which Vastu colors would go for different rooms of the house. 

Wall Colour Convention as per Vastu

  • Bedrooms

As per Vastu, you may also use pastel shades for your bedroom. Since the bedroom is a space for relaxation, this space must have a positive aura. Newly-weds should opt for light shades of pink for more bonding. The yellow color in the bedroom frees negative energy and promotes healthy living. It channels intelligence, optimism, positivity, opportunities, and happiness. 

Light or pastel hues of blue on walls create the perfect cozy ambiance to unwind from all the stress of life. Blue is calming, and it’s positive. Since blue is soothing and stands for contentment, truth, and beauty, it is the perfect color for a place where you rest after a long day at work. The color green heals your soul. White is a timeless shade for a bedroom. The color symbolizes freedom, tranquility, peace, and purity in your life. Pink is the colour of love and romance. Pink denotes intimacy, creativity, and joy. The colour Indigo is royal and it is powerful. Indigo stands for dignity and power, and also sincerity and integrity. This rich colour is royalty personified and exudes a soothing environment; giving your room a spiritual vibe.

Keep the wall color light and cool with soothing tones that are easy on the eyes. In any case, avoid dark shades of purple and red. People suffering from anxiety issues or high blood pressure must avoid dark shades of grey and black. For the bedroom, you must avoid excessive use of red as it represents fire energy and may trigger temperament issues.

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Living Room Colors

The living room is the place where you entertain your guests and also spend quality time with your family. The living room (with the chosen colors) should look serene and welcoming. Pastel shades look good here.

  • Kids’ room

Kids spend a considerable amount of time in their rooms, completing their homework, playing, and sleeping. Some of the best colors that you can choose to use in a kid’s bedroom are light green and shades of light yellow.

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That’ll help the kids to concentrate more on their studies and less on wasting their time. Avoid using dark blue color for kid’s bedroom as it may lead to health issues like running nose, cough, cold, etc. You must avoid loud colors like orange and red as they make it difficult for kids to concentrate and relax. Also, avoid more red color in the kid’s bedroom as it may lead to temperament issues.

The color green represents success. It also brings out positivity and helps in growth. You may use hues of yellow that balance mood swings and improve behavioral patterns in kids. Vastu experts advise using yellow-colored study tables. Yellow represents knowledge and is the best choice to help your kids concentrate better.

Wall colors impact and affect our lives immensely; the above-said tips would serve as a perfect guide when you get your abode painted next!

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