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5 Amazing Ideas and Inspirations for Your Private Terrace

Owning a private terrace is a joy and indeed a privilege beyond comparison. It’s your own space that gives you a sense of peace, closeness to Mother Nature and bliss. You may feel overwhelmed to meet your own expectations of sprucing up your terrace, whether it’s an open terrace or an enclosed one. Here are some splendid ideas and inspirations to acquire the best private terrace:

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  1. Transform your Open/ Enclosed Terrace into a Green Canvas 

A dash of greenery anywhere, especially on your own private terrace makes you feel you’re immersed in the lap of nature. If there’s something that can be called a private terrace ‘must-have’, most people will say it is greenery. Add climbers, ferns, vines, flowers and lots more to craft your own garden on your open terrace. Reserve some space for a petite coffee table and a couple of chairs and floor pillows thrown in. Colourful poles, pots and trimmings can also be placed in the corners of your terrace to build a magical appeal. 

2. Go Minimal and Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal 

Subtle style and minimalist adornments always work. Same goes as terrace/ balcony ideas as well when you want to up the style antennae on your open space. You can put up a hammock or a couple of comfortable chairs (preferably fold-able) with a few decorations to match. Avoid stuffing in too many things even if you have a large private terrace. Opt for neutral hues such as white, beige or soft pastel shades to create a minimalist feel that will take your breath away…

3. Add Zen-like Serenity to your Private Terrace 

In today’s fast-paced, cut-throat competitive world, we all need a secret escape of our own to seek peace and comfort. An open terrace as well as an enclosed terrace for that matter can feel very soothing if you keep a calm statue (of Lord Buddha), pebbles, stones or even seashells around. You can also place a tiny water fountain and add soft illumination with fairy lights, paper lanterns or string of lights all around. Candles will also be a great addition on your terrace as they will dispel the dark from your mind and life! Stay at it, and you’ll find peace and calmness every time you step on your private terrace.

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4. Amp up your Enclosed Terrace in Style

If you have an enclosed terrace, you are blessed, just like open terrace owners are. There’s a lot you can do to make your enclosed space look breath-taking. If your enclosed terrace is constructed primarily of glass walls and ceiling, you’ll have plenty of sunshine along with scenic views you can appreciate. Get cozy, elegant furniture like a sofa set, book shelf (if you’re a bookworm). Dainty lighting like those seen in open terrace as well as big lamps can also be placed there. Flower pots and vases, relics that suffuse peacefulness and mindfulness (like a Buddha statue) will also breathe freshness and spirit into your terrace. You can also think up of some nice balcony ideas and add them in your enclosed terrace as you have more security and safety compared to an open terrace

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5. Pay Attention to Flooring too!

Tasteful flooring can amplify the look and appeal of your private terrace to a large extent. Wooden flooring is quite popular for both open terrace and enclosed terrace. Artificial grass, plastic deck and patio tiles, porcelain and ceramic tiles and even rubber flooring are used for private terraces quite commonly. Private terrace ideas and inspirations also hold painting of balcony floors in high regard. Additionally, you can seek an expert’s opinion and select the one that suits your needs and nature of space. You can get all creative and make your private terrace space an extension of your personality the way you want and flaunt it to the fullest!