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Make this Diwali more special in your luxury homes!

Diwali is one of the biggest Hindu festivals celebrated in India. The purpose of Diwali is to mark the victory of light over dark; rightly called the festivals of light. People use lights and glowing decorations for prosperity. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic scenario can certainly not dampen our festive spirit. It should not stop us from getting creative and finding ways to celebrate this joyous occasion at your luxury homes. 

Whether you’re celebrating Diwali in a premium, luxury real estate space or a smaller home. Diwali decoration consists of a lot of lights and colourful decors to celebrate positivity where people pray for prosperity and peace. The popular Diwali decorations include clay oil lamps called Diyas, Candles, Fairy Lights, Rangoli, Toran, Marigold garlands, and Lanterns.

Let us dig into some amazing Diwali decoration ideas for luxury home and easy DIY tips. 

Diwali home decoration ideas for the festive look

  • Ideas for Diwali Lights

The glittery lights illuminate any surrounding. You may use lights in patterns or just use them simply for the colourful decoration. String LED lights are amongst the most popular Diwali light decoration ideas as they are inexpensive and go well with the colourful nature of the festival.

If you have simple LED lights available, you can easily create a minimalistic Diwali decor at your home. Just hang the lights from your walls, or use them with flowers and you are good to go. You can use candles, lanterns, floor lighting, spotlights, lamps, and so on

  • Handmade decorations

Diya and candles are amongst widely used Diya decoration ideas at home and easy DIY handmade designs on diyas are quite popular too. You can use string lights along with Diyas and scented candles or you can create patterns using Diyas or hang the lights on the wall for a simple and elegant Diwali light decoration inside the home.

Rangoli is a hugely popular décor idea for Diwali. Created using rice, flour, sand, and flowers, a rangoli welcomes the visitors’ home. On Diwali, a rangoli is created at the entrance of the house to welcome Goddess Lakshmi.

You can make your lanterns or buy them, you can use as many candles as you like, add coloured glass cases or place them in glass lanterns for more drama and colour. 

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  • Mandir Decoration

The Diwali puja happens in the mandir at home. There are a lot of trendy ways to decorate your mandir. You may use either flowers, lights, or diyas. 

  • Corners Decoration

Flowers and lights combined and hanged together in a pattern or thrown neatly around an object create magical corners. The flowery lights make the ambiance brighter in seconds. 

  • Balcony Decoration

If you have a balcony or a verandah, you can decorate it with lights, diyas, and flowers. You can even create Rangoli on the floor and decorate the windows and other surfaces with diyas, flowers, and hanging lights. 

Popular colour choices for Diwali décor are yellows, oranges, reds, and timeless whites, creams, and golds. Mix and match dull and bright tones to bring some balance and add some fun to your rooms. From torans to wall hangings, lights and diyas, you get everything online.

Luxury homes offer ample space for a variety of decorations. Just plan a bit and create lasting memories following the above-said tips for home décor. 

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