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10 important things you must know to fight coronavirus

Coronavirus has now been spread in almost all the part of the world. The very first case of this virus is said to be found in Wuhan China, during November 2019, where it was transmitted to humans through the live animal market. The disease is infectious and is spreading more quickly through social interactions. Many scientists and medical researchers are working harder to find a cure for this severe disease. But so far, no vaccine has been made yet. The people that are more prone to the acute effects of the COVID-19 are children, pregnant females, senior citizens. Those people who are suffering from illness such as cancer, asthma, heart attack and who have a weaker immune system are also prone to it.

The only way to stop the spread of this pandemic is to avoid social interaction as much as possible with the people. Many governments worldwide have announced this as a national emergency. The complete lockdown has been announced even in India for 21 days to avoid this disease to spread at the community level. Since no remedy has been discovered, therefore prevention is the only cure. Here are ten important things you must know to fight coronavirus.

Wash your hands frequently to combat coronavirus

The virus could survive for about 72 hours, depending on the type of the surface. It is found that the virus can survive on the door handles, mobile phones, currency notes for a longer time. Therefore, it is highly advised to clean your hands with the help of soap and water or alcoholic sanitizers.

Keep social distancing

Avoid going places such as the gym, where there are crowd, and a large gathering of the people. The disease is highly infectious and can be prevented from spreading through maintain social distances, which should be at least one meter. Self-quarantine and staying home is the best option available to stay away from this disease.

Cover your mouth while coughing and sneezing

Tiny droplets discharging in the air from sneezing and coughing are also responsible for the spreading of the coronavirus. Cover your mouth and nose with the help of the tissue paper or cloth and immediately dispose it in a lid covered trash bin.

Improve your Immunity against Coronavirus

One of the best ways to stay-safe from coronavirus is to boost your immune system. You can eat fruits that contain Vitamin C, such as Amla and other citrus fruits. Do practice yoga every day to build a healthy immune system.

Change your mask after use

Experts say that the mask is not as effective in preventing the disease, but if you are using a mask, you must change it after use as it will could have gotten contaminated which can make it dirty and filled with germs.

Avoid travelling within or outside the country

Travelling involves using public utilities and going to places such as airways and railways, where the chances of catching the infection are relatively high than any other site. So avoid travelling altogether till the disease gets controlled.

Avoid touching your face

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) are advising not to avoid touching the face, mouth, and nose to prevent the virus from entering the body. That will indeed reduce the chance of catching an infection.

If you find symptoms in you, don’t take it lightly

If somehow you notice the signs of the virus such as cough, fever, difficulty breathing, then instead of taking the antibiotics, consult the doctor. Moreover, to keep your family safe go in self- isolation for at least 14 days.

Follow the guidelines and believe information only from reliable sources

Having sufficient knowledge about coronavirus will help you to prevent the spread of virus. All the social media platforms are nowadays flooded with so many news and information on coronavirus. Before believing and sharing any information, one must check the source and its validity. Otherwise, it will only end up creating more panic among the people. Do follow those guidelines that are provided by the medical experts and genuine sources only.